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Actors and Christy Brinkley Recapture 360

It is true that an actor must be a whole-package person: they must have charisma to deal with the media and with their fans, they must have high empathy skills to play their roles, but apart from all this, and as superficial as this may sound, they must be physically beautiful, attractive.

Physical beauty is not the absolute most important thing in life, and we all know this, but in the field of acting, beauty is an essential part of cinematographic and audiovisual productions.

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Beauty is something that we all in one way or another aspire and consume, consciously or unconsciously. But, the concept of beauty has suffered certain modifications; it is not as narrow as it used to be. It is no longer limited to a thin waist or to oversized biceps.

What may be beautiful to some might not be to others. But part of the hedonistic concept of beauty still remains nowadays: the visual pleasure of observing a young body and a fresh face is still something many people enjoy, and that’s fine.

The film and audiovisual industry are aware of this. The actors are, too. Youth lead this market. New faces are displacing the veterans, but they counterattack. They seek to recover their places in their casts of romantic dramas or action films, which is where most exuberant bodies and perfect faces abound. When we talk about fighting against aging, many actors in the first instance resort to changing their eating habits, some even adopt veganism. They also adopt physical exercise routines to keep fit. When it comes to correcting time damages, mainly on the skin, they resort to treatments that involve botox injections, dermatological laser surgery, Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 and liposuction.

The actresses are the main supporters of facial fillers, Christy Brinkley Recapture 360, aging prevention and rejuvenating massages. There are also alternative therapies such as aesthetic acupuncture.

Aging isn’t a battle they can win, but they sure can give a good fight.

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