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Moving My Family and I to Parkplace Residences

When I first moved to Singapore, I stayed in a hotel room for quite some time while I tried to decide where I wanted to live permanently.  My first choice, of course, was to purchase my own home some place in the middle of the city so that I would have access to everything that Singapore has to offer while also being able to make it to work every morning quickly and easily.  Unfortunately, I did not find the place that I was looking for, and so I wound up feeling somewhat discouraged while still residing in a hotel room.  Thankfully, while browsing the internet in order to try and find the perfect place, I stumbled upon parkplace residences, which is a brand new condo community that has been built in Paya Lebar Square.  Although this was not my first choice in location, it will still work out perfectly for me because transportation to and from that area is so easily accomplished.

Now, reading over the website really just got my interest, but it was actually visiting the place that convinced me that this was where I wanted my family and I to live.  Not only did the location offer a number of excellent schools close by for my kids, but it also offered a number of different options when it came to dining or going shopping.  There are so many wonderful stores and restaurants in the area, that it is really just a short walk in order to get some great entertainment.

The moment I took a tour of the place, I knew that it was the right place for us.  I decided on the spot to go ahead and get a condo, and now my family and I have the perfect residence.

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